Curriculum Components

It is our goal to provide children a fun and engaging preschool experience where they will have opportunities for success. It is our aim to develop the whole child and see to it that we foster their growth socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Using the thematic approach, the children will learn concepts, engage in hands-on activities and explore their learning environment. The children will be provided the opportunity for structured play as well as free choice play. The environment will be designed to develop skills and encourage social interaction and opportunities for negotiation and problem solving. Some, but not all of our curriculum components include:

Land of the Letter People
Land of the Letter People is a phonics based, early language and literacy program. Each of the 26 quirky Letter People come to visit from Letter Land each week. Every Letter Person is a colorful and memorable character that brings along his or her big book, music and specific activities pertaining to his or her letter. The children delight in meeting the new Letter People and are engaged socially, physically, cognitively and emotionally. We use this program because it is time tested and makes learning letters and letter sounds so fun!

Our approach to Math is one that is very hands-on. With a vast assortment of “math tools” children will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary in developing an understanding of numbers and their operations. Each month we will be introducing a specific skill to encourage the logical thinking that is needed for future math success. These skills include sorting, graphing, patterning, sequencing, number recognition, place and number value, in addition to geometric shapes and colors.

Integrity Time
As a non-sectarian school, we feel that instilling good values in children is an important part of what we do. Integrity Time is a fun curriculum to help us do just that! Through music, songs and puppets, the children will learn the importance of doing the right thing and making good choices. Each month a new character concept will be introduced and a “dinner time” discussion sheet will go home to encourage parents to support building good character at home also.

Field Trips
The Sunflower School will attend 3 – 4 field trips at varying times throughout the school year. The purpose of field trips is to afford the children more learning experiences, while enjoying community activities in a group setting. Our field trips will most likely correspond with a unit or a theme that we are learning about. Parent participation is required of all students attending our field trips. Parents will also provide transportation for their own children. Field trip fees are paid separately and are not included in the tuition. Siblings will be allowed, dependent on the type of field trip and space available.

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